Mall Galleria Burgas is a total hit among tourists at the Black Sea coast

75% of the active shoppers among tourists in Burgas region have chosen Mall Galleria Burgas for their shopping destination

Mall Galleria Burgas has become one of the most preferred by tourists places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Since the beginning of this year\'s tourist season around 1,100, 000 tourists have visited Burgas region according to statistics by tour operators, flying companies, hotels and other representatives of the tourist sector. 25% of the tourist flow are active shoppers. A record number of over 202,500 foreign and local tourists have visited and shopped in Mall Galleria since the start of the tourist season in May this year. Over 46,000 of them have visited the shopping centre via organized shopping tours by bigger tour operators or via Mall Galleria\'s free shuttles collecting shopping addicts from the resorts and the city centre. There is a greater increase in the visits in the period 15 June - 20 July. For a third year in a row all bigger tour operators at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast successfully cooperate with Mall Galleria to meet their clients\' wider expectations and increased interest for shopping excursions.

This season Mall Galleria\'s management has close agreements with more than 30 of the most popular tour operators, among which TUI, TEZ Tour, DreamTours, ITS, Thomas Cook, Solvex, Astral Holidays, Prestige, PGA Tour.

Since the beginning of April 2014 there is a triple increase in the inquiries by tourists for organized shopping excursions with main destination Mall Galleria Burgas, compared to the same period in 2013, which comes to prove how popular the best mall in Bulgaria has become among tourists. That number is subject to further increase when we add the school camps groups who enjoy various entertainments in Mall Galleria such as cinema, bowling, laser games, billiards, electronic games, etc.

Mall Galleria\'s summer discount card for tourists, distributed via tour operators, in hotels, beach bars, newspapers kiosks, amusement parks, popular restaurants, as well as on board planes, is the unbeatable summer hit among tourists. Over 50 leading international and local brands give exclusive discounts only in their stores in Mall Galleria Burgas. It is Mall Galleria\'s policy to pay special attention to Bulgarian tourists. Especially for them a tailor-made subdomain in Mall Galleria Burgas\' website has been developed to let them fill in an application form and claim their discount card at Info Desk. This is another reason for all Bulgarian tourists who travel to the Southern Black Sea coast to stop in at Mall Galleria and enjoy a VIP shopping. Those who have headed south of Burgas, will be pleasantly surprised to take the newly opened road shortcut connecting Burgas\' entrance from Sofia with the road to Sozopol.

Mondays and Fridays are definitely the strongest days for shopping, entertainment, cinema and sport. Mall Galleria Burgas team\'s ambition is summer 2014 to be the most successful and memorable for both foreign and local tourists who as a result turn from one-off visitors to loyal clients.

It is not by chance that leading lifestyle media like Men’s Health and Harper’s Bazaar chose the right destination for season 2014 – Mall Galleria Burgas.

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