You Think You Know Bulgaria campaign to advertise Bulgaria

The joint project by state institutions, diplomat missions and the private sector aims to stimulate internal tourism within the country

On 9 June 2015 at a press conference in Grand Hotel Sofia H.E. Shaul Kamisa Raz, Ambassador of Israel in Bulgaria, together with H.E. Krzystof Krajewski, Ambassador of Poland, H.E. Ljerka Alajbeg, Ambassador of Croatia, and Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of tourism, officially announced the start of the national summer 2015 game You think you know Bulgaria.

You think you know Bulgaria campaign is the result of the joint efforts of state institutions, diplomats and the private sector to stimulate more people to choose Bulgaria for their summer, winter or weekend destination, and thus to support local and foreign companies occupied in the country’s tourism.

The initiative has been supported by many popular Bulgarians representing different public spheres: singers, actors, sportsmen, politicians. Its launch is divided into 2 stages:

  • The teaser part will be in the form of video appeals by the faces of the project - popular Bulgarians from different social shperes who have recognised themselves as ambassadors and missioners of the initiative. Each one reveals their own emotional connection to Bulgaria.
  • The essential part of the campaign will be an interactive educational game which will take place every day between 1 and 30 July 2015 on the project\'s official website The platform is developed in the form of quiz with four multiple choice questions. Each correct answer will reveal part of a blurred photo of a beautiful but less popular destination in the country. Every day a minimum of 12 participants who have answered correctly the daily questions will win various prizes (i.e. holiday at the seaside, shopping vouchers, spa weekends, tickets for Robbie Williams’s concert, backpacks, etc.), provided by the sponsors of the project.

Everyone is welcome to share and recommend their favourite travel destinations in the country by uploading up to 3 photos in Your Bulgaria photo game at Three of the participants, randomly chosen in a draw, will get BGN 300 each.

You can watch the pilot video of the project here

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